Ukraine: battleground between conservative and liberal economic policies

A democratic revolution triumphed two and a half years ago in Ukraine. And the West rushed to congratulate the leaders of the pro-democratic parties who emerged victorious, including President Petro Poroshenko. Indeed, a record number

IMF Group Ukraine press release on consequences of raising minimum wage (updated)

IMF Group Ukraine apologizes to readers for several errors calculating the effect of raising the minimum wage to UAH 3,200 in its previous press release, dated November 1. We thank our colleagues, who noticed

2016 inflation forecast

  Cumulative inflation in Ukraine for 2016 has already reached 46%. According to our forecast, it will be 52%–53% by year end. Ukraine’s Finance Ministry and National Bank (NBU) “official inflation forecast” for 2016

IMF Group’s forecast for revenues in the 2016 budget in the case of the adoption of the new Nina Yuzhanina’s Tax Code


Round table on July 23rd: abstracts and presentations

On July 23rd at the premises of the State Service of Ukraine on Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre was held a regular meeting of the Roundtable on land market. It was the final one in